CSGO Bowie Knife – What You Need to Know in 2021

The CS:GO Bowie Knife is a dangerous weapon with a full-length sawback, and its official description states that it is designed for use in brutal environments. The Bowie Knife is definitely a cool weapon on its own, but pairing it with cooler skins makes it even more unique and worth playing. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular and best Bowie knife skins on the market right now.


—Premium Bowie Case

——Bowie | Marble Fading (Slight Signs of Use)
——Bowie | Doppler (Minimal Signs of Wear)
——Boi Knife | Ultraviolet (Factory New)
——Boi Knife | )
——Bowie Knife | Color (Factory Brand New)

—Where can I get a Bowie Knife skin?
—How do I sell Bowie Knife skins?

——Steam Market
——External Market

Top Bowie Knife Skins

How do we determine the best and coolest Bowie Knife skins that have been added and are currently available for the game? Well, it’s a combination of popularity, price, rarity, wear, design and appeal. We’re not the only ones who think these are the coolest, so get ready to check out some awesome looking bowie skins.

Bowie Knife | Marble Fade (Slight Wear)

The first name on our list is the popular Marble Fade. If you’re looking for an attractive and best-selling colored knife, the Minimal Wear Bowie Knife Marble Fade might be just the thing for you. This knife is offered in light wear only and factory new wear level. Base models range in price from $290 factory new to $350 with minimal wear and tear. StatTrak prices range from $350 to $650. StatTraks with the least amount of wear are usually more expensive.

Bowie Knife | Doppler (Slightly Worn)

The Doppler Bowie Knife has a somewhat similar skin to the Marble Fade. It has an ultra violet and blue feel with some dark colors that blend well. Doppler is a covert skin that is also only available in Factory Fresh and Minimal Wear, with Minimal Wear conditions generally being more expensive. Doppler Bowie’s range from $250 to $400 including StatTrak.

Bowie Knife | Ultraviolet (Factory New)

The Ultraviolet Bowie is a concealed knife for all wear levels with a float range of 0.06 to 0.80. The lowest cost you’ll see is around $100 and the highest is almost $250 including StatTrak. It applies to everything from combat-proven to field-proven to minimal wear and factory-new.

Bowie Knife | Huya (Minimal Wear)

If you are looking for a unique Bowie knife that will definitely stand out, you will love the Huya. Unfortunately, this is one of those knives that is not usable in field test conditions and below. Its base and StatTrak versions range in price from $230 to $460. Minimal Wear models are usually more expensive.

Bowie Knife | Crimson Web (Factory New)

The Bowie Knife Crimson Web CS:GO skin was added back in 2016 and is probably the most expensive Bowie Knife skin on any site right now. Covert Crimson Web skins usually come with a hefty price tag, making them very valuable items. This one sells for a whopping $7,000 on Steam. This includes StatTrak Factory New enclosures. The lowest price you often see for this Bowie knife skin is around $160.

Bowie Knife | Dyed (Factory New)

This concealed Bowie Knife pattern is another unique item you’ll love on the in-game snow map. It works for all wear levels and has a full floating range between 0 and 1. Bowie Knife Stained starts around $110 Battle-Scarred and tops out around $500 StatTrak shipped. It’s not worth a few thousand dollars, but it’s still great for trading and making some extra money.

Where can I get Bowie knife skins?

Just like many other CS:GO skins for shotguns, pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, SMG rifles, and other items, the same marketplace is available for knives. This usually includes the Steam marketplace, other buy and sell sites, game drops, loot boxes, earning sites, and a few other methods.

According to Valve, you have a small 0.03% chance of achieving a great bowie by opening many of their available cases, so you may have to accept the fact that opening cases may not yield expected result. If you want the most control over the knife you get, consider buying one in the market. You can often expect special offers and different prices from different sellers.

How do I sell Bowie knife skins?

When it’s time to ditch your Bowie knives, selling them is a great way to make some extra money. If you want to do a better job of finding people to buy from you, you need to price match other sellers. Here’s what you need to know.

Steam Market

The Steam Market is one of the easiest ways to find premium StatTrak items, covert skins, anything from Battle-Scarred, well-Worn, factory new and anything in between In between, various prices, and more. However, every penny you earn stays on the platform and you can only spend it there. If you don’t need the money to survive, by all means resell.

The External Marketplace

Another method that can be used to sell your skin items is through the External Marketplace. They’re the same as Steam’s marketplace, but you can actually withdraw funds this way. This approach is almost perfect, and you can do whatever you want with the money. A name or two that comes to mind when selling on these platforms

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