What are CSGO Trade Bots?

Do you have a lot of extra skins you do not need? Maybe you just found the perfect loadout and are looking to do something with the rest of your inventory. But if you cash out through the Steam Market, and you do not want to buy any games or other skins? This is where Trade Bots come in. These are websites which let you trade in your skins (in different ways) for real cash. Yes, real cash.

We have had such websites in CSGO for a while but increasing political pressure made Valve crack down on some sites a few years back. But now, with the rise of CSGO in China, they are back with full force. These online marketplaces for CSGO skins allow you to instantly sell your items, and some even allow you to buy skins at below market rates through their online platform. Because this money is not locked in the Steam Wallet, users are willing to sell their skins at lower prices. Skins are cheaper when you sell, but you can do anything with this money, so it is not a negative.

These websites come in many flavors. There are instant Trade Bots (see below) and also normal marketplaces like BitSkins where you list your item for sale at a given price and users buy it. This second type is the most common and best for experienced skin traders looking to make money with CSGO skins because the value of skins is higher. However, this means that since a user will have to buy your item to get your money, it might take a while for that to happen. Especially with incredibly unique, special, or expensive items.

Why use CSGO Instant Trading Bots?

This variety of Trade Bot website is one of the most interesting (if you like economics) and also important types. These websites instantly (Yes instantly!) buy your skins in exchange for real money in your bank account, PayPal, cryptocurrency etc. This means that you do not have to wait for an item to be sold. Once you trade it in, you get your money. This system is not perfect, especially if you are looking to profit from your skins as these websites give you below-market rates. There is no risk for you as a user so it makes sense that they would pay less. That being said, these services are great for those who do not feel like playing anymore and want to cash out all their items quickly and easily. Also, if you are looking to quickly liquidate (turn into cash) a part of your inventory, this might be for you.

Now you might be asking, why do these websites exist? Simply, they buy skins to sell to gambling websites. They are legit and they have an actual economic purpose to fill in the CSGO economy.


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