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August 2012, when CSGO launched, the cool features weren’t even half as cool as they are today. Of course, the game’s many exciting perks don’t really change how you look in every fight, but they do make you look great and stand out from the crowd. Gloves are one of those features that will definitely make you a more unique player.

Gloves were first introduced in CS:GO in 2016. Valve has released a new update that includes the originally released Glove Box 24 with gloves to choose from. The library of gloves to choose from has grown a lot since then, and you’ve got a ton of these cool-looking skins to take advantage of. In this blog, we cover the top 5 gloves in CSGO, the divisions in which they can be found, some of the best options in each division, glove quality, and more.


—Top 5 CS:GO Gloves of All Time

——1: King Snake Gloves (Riding Gloves)
——2: Cobalt Skulls (Handguards)
——3: Crimson Weave (driving gloves)
——4: Vice (sports gloves)
——5: Fade (special gloves)

—CSGO Glove Type

——Rider Gloves
——Hound Gloves
——Motor Gloves
——Sports Gloves
——Broken Teeth Gloves
——Expert Gloves
——Hydra Gloves

—CSGO Gloves How much are they worth?

——Battle Worn Gloves
——Worn Gloves
——Battle Worn Gloves
——Slightly Worn
——Factory New


The 5 Best CS:GO Gloves Ever Made

Before we discuss the different styles and price ranges of gloves, we need to explain what we think are the 5 best CSGO gloves for you. You can buy it on Steam or elsewhere. Remember, these aren’t necessarily the most expensive or rarest. We simply show which glove skins look the coolest and bring you the most bang for your buck. Here are our top picks:

1: King Snake Gloves (Driver Gloves)

King Snake Gloves are made of white leather and sturdy snakeskin and look stunning, Especially on a desert map like Dust II. The field-tested version of these gloves can be had for around $300, while the battle-tested gloves can be had for around $500 or more.

2: Cobalt Skulls (Gauntlets)

If you want all those blue gloves that are sure to grab your attention, the Cobalt Skulls glove skin is one you can’t miss. If you want to look cooler when you hit your opponents on the head, these gloves are for you.

3: Crimson Weave (Driver Gloves)

Here’s another cool pair of gloves that look great at first glance. They contain scarlet leather which makes them even more refined. Tried and tested versions can even go as low as $200. However, if you’re looking for minimal fit quality, then be prepared to pay well over $1,000.

4: Vice (Sports Gloves)

When it comes to sports gloves, Vice is a skin that many would like to have in their arsenal. They are made of synthetic fabric and are meant to grab a lot of attention. A battle-hardened model can cost as much as $900, while higher-quality models like the battle-hardened version can cost well over $1,000.

5: Fade (special gloves)

Types of CSGO Gloves

We’ve looked at some of the best options you can find out there. csgo gloves. However, you need to know that every glove that exists in the game belongs to a specific group. It’s not a lot, but it’s important to know who owns a pair of gloves, as this can affect the style, price, etc. of the glove.

Driver gloves

Driver gloves are one of the most popular gloves and the most diverse. They come in a variety of colours, materials and designs. Driving gloves are great for protection from the elements. They look great, are very comfortable, and can be used with many other weapon and knife skins. Here are five of the best driving gloves you could ever want.

—Crimson Weave
—King Snake
—Imperial Plaid
—Snow Leopard

Hand wraps

Don’t be fooled by these mitts as they are specially designed to protect your knuckles and stabilize your wrist in close combat . Wristbands are, as the name suggests, gloves made of different materials that look like those materials are simply wrapped around your wrist. Here are some of the best bandages:

—Cobalt Skull

Hound Gloves

The Hound is the sixth action Valve has introduced in CS:GO, following the Vanguard action. It adds a lot to the game, including some really cool gloves. There aren’t many gloves in this set, but several of them look great. They’re embellished with the Bloodhound Glove logo and finished with metal studs. The Bloodhound Gloves set includes the following skins:


Motorcycle Gloves

You may not know how to ride a motorcycle in CSGO, but you have to admit that these gloves look stylish. Moto gloves are inspired by cycling gloves. They protect you from road rash and protect your hands and fingers from all-day knocks. Some of the coolest are:

—Cool Mint

Gym Gloves

If you are looking for Gym gloves, that’s it

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