Upgrade is a fun game that allows you to aim for specific skins. If you’re after a particular knife that you want to play with in-game, you may want to try Upgrades.

Upgrades draw inspiration from trade-up contracts which are quite popular within the actual game. There are notable differences though.

In CSGO Upgrades, you enter a skin you would like to wager. You then select a more valuable skin that you’d like to get. The system calculates a chance of the upgrade coming through or failing based on the value between your deposit skin and the skin you want to upgrade to.

For example, if you wager a $5 skin and you want to win a $10 skin, your chances will be right around 50% of winning. It’s an all or nothing game where either you get the upgraded skin or you get nothing. It can be excellent if you’re aiming for a particular play-skin and you can decide whether you wanna go risky ($5 > $50) or play it safe ($5 > $7).

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