What is CSGO Roulette?

Often also called ‘Roll’, this is possibly one of the oldest gambling games that continue being played today. Used to be played in Western Saloons and German casinos since the 1800s, it has now also become a mainstay of the CSGO gambling sites community. The simplicity of the game, coupled with interesting betting strategies and possible large returns, make it a favorite of many players.

In simple roulette, you are given an option to bet on one of three possible outcomes, black, red, and green. A roulette usually gives you about a 48% chance for either black or red and if you win doubles your money. Green has a 1% chance and gives a return of 14. For most casual players, roulette is quite similar to coin flip whereas it gives you a 50% chance for an x2 return, meaning that making money is not too complex.

How is it different from other games?

As we mentioned before, Roulette is quite similar to the Coin Flip game but continues to differ. First, there is a difference in gameplay, odds and returns, between roulette and most other games.

Compared to case openings, crash, or jackpot, the game is more systematic with fixed odds and returns. If you are looking for something more exciting than coinflip, while also playing relatively safe, roulette might be for you.

Second, roulette also differs, in terms of odds, from Coin Flip as well. That is the case since in roulette the black-red odds are not exactly 50% but ~49%, meaning that the expected return is negative. I.e. this is designed for you to lose. But that is not the whole story, as we mentioned, a third ‘Green’ or ‘0’ option exists with a ~1% chance and a 14x return. This means that although dissimilar to Coin Flip in a specific statistical manner, it is quite the same but also allowing for high risk – high return bets.

Roulette Betting Strategies

Since the game has been around for so long, countless systems have been devised to allow for a good balance between risk and reward. You do not necessarily need to play with a system, but it is better if you are looking to mitigate risk and increase your winnings. The simplest system available is the Martingale strategy which we covered in Coin Flip. Simply put, double your bet every round and due to an expected return of ~0.5 it is possible the bets even out. This strategy, however, is somewhat flawed for roulette betting as the black-red chance is not 50%. So, what are other strategies that can be used?

The Paroli System, also designed to work on either Black-Red or Even-Odd bets, is a simple betting strategy designed for roulette. In this strategy, you double your bet only if you win and can continue to double it up to two wins in a row – such that the bet is 4x the original. If you lose or win three times in a row, you start again with the original bet. This game relies heavily on consecutive wins, which cannot be guaranteed, meaning that money could be lost quite easily before making it back.

A second betting strategy that can be employed is the D’Alembert which is overly complex but can yield significant results in risk mitigation. This system requires a lot of patience from the player but could work out well. So how does it work? You start with an X bet and each round increase or decrease it by 10%. If you win you decrease the bet by 10% if you lose you increase it. This system brings the Martingale strategy of increasing return at loss, and the safety concern of the Paroli together. This strategy faces limitations concerning the size of the bet as it requires a bet that can be broken down into 10% chunks, but also the time required to make returns.

Should you play CSGO Roulette?

CSGO Roulette, or otherwise called ‘Roll’, offers a great balance of simplicity, good odds, and available returns. If you want to casually play with low risk on trustworthy sites, this will work out great for you. But if you are looking for a more exciting experience, something that Coin Flip is lacking, this game delivers too with the ability to bet on ‘0’ or ‘Green’ with an x14 return – Closer in feeling to opening a knife. All in all, Roulette offers a balance between risk and reward while also remaining relatively simple for new players to enjoy, it is, therefore, no surprise that it is one of the oldest games around.


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