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What are Upgrades/Tradeups?

If you have played CSGO, you might have come across the Trade-up function within the game. Since skins were first introduced in 2013, Trade-ups became a mainstay for players, allowing them to make a profit in-game. In the classic form of the game, you deposit 10 skins and get one back of higher rarity.

Gambling sites found the premise interesting and created a simple version of the game without any of the limitations to allow you to get the perfect skin. All you do is input a skin you own on the site and one you want, then the site gives you an odd for the trade to go through. If you are lucky you get your new skin, if you are unlucky, well – you get nothing.

Unlike the in-game version, the only factor which changes odds is the value of the skin and there are no limitations on collections or quality.  This makes Upgrades (henceforth) a great game if you are looking for a specific skin that you have not managed to get yet.

How are Upgrades on CSGO sites different?

Obviously, Upgrades are different from any other gambling game currently available. It does not resemble games of old, like roulette or coinflip, nor Crash or Cases. As mentioned before, it is inspired by the existing Trade-Up game which is part of the in-game CSGO skin functions. However, the Trade-Up function is very limiting as it is designed to offer balance and fun without breaking the CSGO economy.

For those who are unaware, CSGO skins have two important classifications, Collections, and Rarity. When using the in-game function, you are limited to skins that are 1 rarity tier higher and part of the collection(s) that the deposited 10 skins are. However, in CSGO each rarity has multiple skins (except in Drop collections), meaning that you are never sure what skin you will get when trading up. This makes Trade-Ups quite fun and risky, but relatively bad especially if you are looking for a good play skin. Not to mention that it requires a large investment – of 10 skins – to work.

These issues are all solved in CSGO Upgrades, since the gambling sites do not impose any restrictions on the skins you can request to upgrade to, and only one skin is required for the upgrade. The only difference is that in CSGO Trade-Ups, you always get a skin, in CSGO Upgrades, you either win the Upgraded skin or lose the deposited skin.

How are the Odds calculated?

The main variable that matters for Counter-Strike gambling sites is the price of the item, and that is the main factor in calculating Odds for upgrades.

Here it is important to note that the specific odds are dependent on the website and are a consideration both for our reviews and should be for you as a player. In general, we would think that doubling the value of an item say $1 to $2 skin, should be a bit less than 49% as that is the case for Roulette and Coinflip. However, that is not the case.

In this game, Odds are a bit steeper, but not significantly so. In general, as the prices of items increase, the odds become somewhat worse. This makes the game great for small skin trades (with profit). Meaning that if you are looking for a play-skin or investment skin and are already close to it in value, you should definitely try this game.

As always, winning is not guaranteed and you might lose the skin you use for the Upgrade so gamble responsibly. When looking where to play CSGO Upgrade games, you can use our review guides to find sites that offer good value for Upgrades and Withdraws to make sure you are getting the most for your money.

Should you Upgrade?

Upgrades are a completely unique game that offers a great opportunity for us who are looking for specific skins to win them on gambling sites. Similarly, if you are looking for high odds i.e. +60% this is also the place to be since no other game offers these odds-on selected items.

The unique nature of this game makes it a draw for players who want a more favorable and controlled gambling experience. However, this is not a go-to game if you are starting out as it is better played once you have skins close to the value of those you want to get.

All in all, Upgrades are definitely worth checking out, and as we keep saying, especially if you are looking for specific skins since this game is designed for exactly that.


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