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CSGO Trade Bot

 Have you heard of the new way how to swap your skins for a better one? Try out the csgo trade bot that will do all the job for you! I mean, almost all the job. All you have to do is put your skins into csgo trade bot and select the items you want to get back. What is so unique about this way of trading skins? You don’t have to deal with weird peoples trying to lowball you on steam because you always communicate only with trade bot. Also, you easily avoid any chance of being scammed since the items will be exchanged to you directly. Steam is very benevolent and friendly to trade bots so you don’t have to be afraid of any future problems with traded items. There are many trade bots around using various ways to price their items. First and most popular one is direct API to Steam Analyst or from the Steam Community Market. Usually, this works pretty well but there is a lot of peoples trying to abuse this system by buying items at the higher price than is a usual market price to raise up the average.

CSGO Trading Bot Sites :

We bring you the most updated list of csgo trading bot sites. We did a test trade on every single site that is listed there to determine if the bot is working properly or not. You are able to choose from more than 10 csgo trading bot sites. Also if you are a trading bot site administrator you can contact us on email to share your site with us. Happy trading.

How to be safe when using Trade Bots?

Trade Bot websites have often been criticized for being unsafe or scams. For those that remember using OpSkins back in the day, you will know that this is not something new. Automated scams are especially prone to happen in websites that send you trade offers. This is often a result of your Steam API key leaking. But many red flags will tip you off if something is not right. offers the ability of the player to look if your Steam API key has been leaked. Most other resources draw focus on the format of the trade bots and how they should look. This is important because when you get a trade offer you can and should check the profile to make sure you are trading with the website and not a scammer. This also extends to the fact that you should always check the items in the offer before accepting a trade.


Using trade bots can be unsafe, however, with due caution and care, especially regarding checking the trade offers that you receive.


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