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CSGO gambling sites are widely popular among the Counter-Strike player base. However, there are hundreds – if not thousands – of different gambling sites out there. With so many sites out there, which should you choose?

This website list is regularly updated with the best CSGO gambling sites out there. All the above sites are reputable, safe to use and verified.


What are CSGO Gambling Sites?

CSGO gambling sites remind a lot of regular online casinos. However, the whole operation centers around CSGO skins.

On CSGO gambling sites, you can deposit either cash or CSGO skins and get an account balance that can then be used in a variety of different games right in your browser. These games include roulette, coinflip, match betting, and more.

Once you feel like you’re finished betting, you can withdraw skins and in some cases even money using the account balance you’ve accumulated.

What games can I play on a CSGO Gambling Site?

There are a variety of different games available to choose from, but it all depends on which site you’re betting on. Amongst the most common game types are:


  • Landing a red gives you x2 your money back
  • Landing a black gives you x2 your money back
  • Landing a green gives you x14 your money back

On some sites, the colors will be labelled differently. For instance, on CSGOEmpire, the colors are swapped for so-called “CT” and “T” coins known from the Counter-Strike universe.


Crash gambling was one of the first game modes introduced to the CS2 betting websites.

On Crash, you essentially bet on a multiplier that determines your risk and reward. Once the game starts, the multiplier will begin to go up but at some point, it will crash. Theoretically, it can keep going into x100000 but the likelihood of that happening is slim.

If the multiplier does not reach your specified multiplier before it crashes, you lose. If it does reach your multiplier, you win your stake * your multiplier.

Some sites like CSGOPolygon lets you cash out while the multiplier is ongoing which is quite a nice feature. The higher odds you can catch, the better. But be weary, it may crash at any time.

Case Opening

Case openings are extremely popular in CS:GO. However, the cases you buy in the actual game are quite expensive and the odds of getting actual profit are slim to none.

If you want to open cases, you’re much better off doing it online on a site like Hellcase. Case opening sites have their own custom-made cases and the probability of winning something is much better than in the game itself.

Whatever you unbox, you can then sell for either account balance or withdraw into your Steam CS:GO inventory.

Coin Flip

Coin clip pretty much works like heads or tails. You bet against another user on the site and choose your stake. A coin then flips and if it lands on your side, you take it all.

Match Betting

Like with so many other sports, you can also bet on actual pro CS:GO matches. Many regular bookmakers have adapted to the rise of esports and now offer markets on its most popular games.

The leading sites offer a wide range of different markets for each game you can be on. Not only can you bet on who wins, also stuff like total maps, map winners and amount of rounds can gambled on.


The odds of winning depends on the percentage of value your deposit holds to the full pot. This makes for exciting gameplay PvP style where you can play it safe with mega investments or try to hit your luck with small deposits and steal away the grand jackpot.

Upgrade / Trade-Up

Upgrade is a fun game that allows you to aim for specific skins. If you’re after a particular knife that you want to play with in-game, you may want to try Upgrades.

Upgrades draw inspiration from trade-up contracts which are quite popular within the actual game. There are notable differences though.

In CSGO Upgrades, you enter a skin you would like to wager. You then select a more valuable skin that you’d like to get. The system calculates a chance of the upgrade coming through or failing based on the value between your deposit skin and the skin you want to upgrade to.

For example, if you wager a $5 skin and you want to win a $10 skin, your chances will be right around 50% of winning. It’s an all or nothing game where either you get the upgraded skin or you get nothing. It can be excellent if you’re aiming for a particular play-skin and you can decide whether you wanna go risky ($5 > $50) or play it safe ($5 > $7).

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