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In this list, you’ll find the best and safest CSGO case opening sites in 2021. Use our free referral codes” to get free credit and cases to get a head start with your online CSGO cases.

All the above sites are reputable and have a large number of users who instantly withdraw skins from their platform on a daily basis.

A lot of the sites mentioned in our list transparently share winning chances and are considered provably fair. The sites are safe to use and we regularly update the list with new sites and improved promo bonus codes.

Case Opening Sites vs Steam Case Opening

Skins were first introduced in CS2 back in 2012 when they launched the game along with its first cases and keys. Since, in-game skins have become an established virtual currency – especially within the esport industry.

It is safe to say that CS2 cases have been a great business for Valve. It’s something they’ve earned a lot of money on and the community and pro scene has helped in promoting and elevate the value of rare skins.

Although Valve are earning stacks from case openings on their own platform, it is often an extremely bad business for the players as chances of getting something actually profitable are extremely slim. Not to mention, there’s no way to see what the odds are for pulling a specific item in a case.

As the CSGO gambling site scene has evolved, so has the ways of which you can gamble. One gambling game that has become a fan favorite is online case opening.

Not only are the chances and probabilities transparent, they’re also much better than the actual in-game case openings you can do through Steam.

If you want to do CS2 case openings and want a chance of actually getting a profit out of it, your best bet is to use case opening sites online.

There is no exact way to measure probabilities from Valve case openings so it’s impossible to compare it to the online case opening websites but it is widely acknowledged that your odds are far better than with Valve.

Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, we answered some of the most common questions we’ve got related to case openings in CS2.

Is it worth opening cases in CSGO?

No, it really isn’t worth opening cases inside CSGO. With abysmal odds, chances are you’ll be deep in our pockets before you open any decent skins. Often you see Youtubers and Twitch streamers open insane skins, so it may seem enticing, but you have to keep in mind that they open hundreds (if not thousands) of cases before lucking out – they just don’t show you the boring parts.

If you do want to feel the thrill of opening CSGO cases, we recommend heading on to one of the above listed websites. The odds are much better and the customization features are a lot less limiting.

Is it better to buy a knife or open cases?

Generally, it is better to just buy the knife you want rather than opening cases – especially if you open them in-game. But it’s just not as exciting as opening cases. Again, we recommend to use some of the above sites if you want to unbox a knife. Most of them even have particular cases that only contain knives – this’ll ensure that you get out with a knife no matter what.

How many cases does it take to get a knife in CSGO?

Valve were forced to release the exact odds of unboxing certain skin tiers in 2018 due to a gambling law in China.

On average, you have a 0.26% of unboxing a restricted rare item. This covers knives and gloves (depending on the case you open). If you do the math, there will be a knife in roughly 1 in 385 cases. Now that’s depressing odds.

It should be noted that you could be lucky and unbox a knife in your first case, but it could also take way longer than the average.

Can these sites be trusted?

We understand that some people are hesitant to put their money onto sites they don’t know – and rightly so. The CSGO scene has been notoriously known for having scammers in large numbers due to the immensely lucrative trading market.

However, we have tested all the above sites hands-on by depositing funds, testing the site functionality and support system before finally withdrawing the skins. All the listed websites are highly reputable 3rd parties – some of them even sponsor the major CSGO competitive events.


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