What is the CSGO Crash game?

One of the more unique games floating around is Crash. Crash offers fun gameplay for those wishing to play with high risk. Like most other games, Crash is quite simple and offers an intuitive setup to get you started.

In this game, players wager an expected value which a graph (multiplier) will hit. If the graph does not reach the value, you lose your bet, if it does you will get it back times the value of the multiplier. Some versions of the game allow you to withdraw winnings whenever you want to make it even more fun. But do not be fooled, you never know when the crash will happen.

It is the same as most people would think of stocks, at least it might be emulating that. In any case, the game offers better odds than most others because it can be relatively easy to walk away with a small profit over time. If you feel like winning big you can always bet on a crazy multiplier like 100x and get a return on your investment.

How is it different from other games?

Crash is a unique game. This game is not a traditional gambling game nor part of the built-in CSGO games, making it a new addition. So, it is adequate to say it is quite different.

Like roulette, you do not play against other players but rather the website itself. It also uses – usually – one of Jackpot’s and Roulette’s functions, which is the betting round where there is time to add a bet and then you cannot bet anymore. But that is where the similarities end.

The most important element of Crash is the fact that there are no fixed returns. Since the number at which the multiplier will crash is random, the returns can be incredibly low x0.10 or insane x200+ depending on the round. This makes the game really risky since there is no fixed probability of return but also particularly good as players can get really lucky and make a lot of money with CSGO.

Crash is an utterly unique game that offers an exceptional balance of risk for players willing to play a game of this risk. It is not recommended for all players, but if you want to get your blood flowing and possibly make good money in the process, this might be the game for you.

How are the odds calculated?

Crash is actually a black box in terms of how odds are calculated and how the multiplier works. We do not know whether the crash value is calculated at the beginning of the round or if there is an ongoing random seed calculation while the game is progressing.

If that was the case, then it would suggest that as the multiplier increases, so does the chance of the crash. This, however, means that smaller multiplier values would have an extremely high probability of happening. It is more likely that a combination of both strategies is employed by developers, such that an initial-boundary (max multiplier value) is calculated at the start of the game, and then a scaled random process takes place. This would make bets across all ranges of equal odds depending on the max value of the multiplier. At this stage we do not know how the system works on a technical level, so play with care.

Crash Betting Codes & Sites

At the top of this article, you’ll find the current top CSGO betting sites that feature crash betting. There are almost surely more out there, but the above ones are safe to use and have large player bases. Always steer clear of fake sites by doing your research – we did the homework on the above sites and they’re all safe to play on.

All the above CSGO Crash game sites have some kind of welcome bonus code or referral code system in place. We’ve set up a code for each site for you to use that’ll let you get free coins, bonuses or something similar so you can get the perfect head start on your Crash game adventure.

Crash Betting Strategies

As we do not fully understand the mechanisms behind the Crash game, it is difficult to create valid betting strategies that can have long-term returns. That being said, there are some assumptions that we can use to create a betting strategy that could potentially work.

The first assumption is that game masters have an incentive to keep the crash game from only crashing at low values, that is so high returns seem tangible to players. As such, a good strategy would be to play on low returns such as an x1.1 to x2 and use the D ’Alembert system of 10% increments at loss and 10% decrease at wins to balance out losses. We are not statisticians so this should only serve as a suggestion. Gambling is always risky.

Should you play Crash?

In short, yes, why not. Crash is a really fun game where you don’t know what will happen next. It can be stressful at times but offers great returns if you can handle the risk. If you are looking to play for skins and adrenaline, Crash is definitely the game for you!


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