CSGORoll is taking the Counter-Strike gambling market by storm. Cases, crash, roll, and daily promos - it has it all. With a variety of deposit and withdrawal options, you're well set and safe.
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What is CSGORoll?

How much CSGO money can you win? The CSGO Roll is a top-rated gambling site where you can play games that allow you to win a lot of CSGO skins. It’s definitely one of the most popular brands when it comes to CSGO gambling sites.

It’s important to point out that CSGORoll implements a provably fair system for their games. This means that they have nothing to hide. They don’t have any cheating tricks or hacks that make the games unfair.

After three years, the CSGORoll site has been re-launched, and with a brand new design and a lot of improvements, this gambling site is going to be the best you’ve ever seen.

CSGORoll, despite having a big fan base that actively uses and interacts in the user chat, still has a number of deposit methods, from CSGO skins to cryptocurrency and the traditional credit card.

To view all available payment options on CSGORoll, you need to click on the arrow button at the bottom right of the page and select “My Account”.


Deposit Methods

CSGOROLL provides a variety of deposit methods for you to play the games, such as cash, coins, skins, and CSGO keys. If you want to play with skins, you can deposit them from your Steam account and use them to play games. It also accepts skins for Dota 2 games.

The CSGO keys are the keys that let players access new features, levels, and items. They can be traded for coins, including Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

It’s always better to deposit with fiat cash than with a credit card, for example via PayPal or Neteller. You don’t have to pay any fees to do so.

However, most methods will not allow transactions below $5. You can deposit an equivalent amount of $10 with cryptocurrency methods. In addition, deposits at the casino are instant and free or cheap depending on the method you pick.

Fiat currency methods don’t charge, but cryptocurrencies do.


Payment and Withdrawal Methods

Payment and withdrawal methods. You can withdraw from your CSGORoll account using three methods: CSGO skins on P2P and Bitcoin / Ethereum payments. 

Head over to the P2P section to start winning your first CSGO Skins. You can use your earnings to purchase skins from the site’s stock. After buying a skin, you can withdraw it from the site and use it on the CSGO gaming site.

Withdraw skins from third-party providers: You can withdraw skins from third-party providers in a delayed mode. The maximum you can withdraw in a day is skins of a value equivalent to 1,000 coins over your deposit value.


What is Gems on CSGORoll?

GEMS is an extra currency available on CSGORoll that rewards us for playing. With Gems, you can buy special chests, that contain really cool CS:GO skins! Check the gems in your account!

1.The principle of getting gems is very simple:

2.05% chance of 1 Gem when you bet

CSGORoll support whole numbers only. If you bet 19 Coins, you would have a 50% chance to get 1 Gem. There are currently 8 chests that we can open for gems.

Is CSGORoll Legit?

CSGORoll is a completely legitimate and safe betting site. CSGORoll uses a provably fair hash system for all of its games, which ensures that all of your rolls and outcomes are not interfered with by themselves or any third party and are entirely random.

CSGOROLL is a totally legit and safe gambling site, but still – you should check gambling law regulations for your country.

You can use it legally, such as in some countries where the legal age to use the site is 18. If you are under the age of 18, be careful about what you’re doing, and don’t be tempted to use the site without your parents knowing.







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