Hellcase is the #1 online CSGO case opening site. With a huge variety of cases, daily bonus, upgrades and case battles, you're set for an awesome experience.
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The Interface

Hellcase has a utilitarian look that recalls the military shooters it services. Its black design scheme is accentuated by the color of the crates and the loot options it advertises. Thankfully, its system of receiving and opening chests is very user-friendly. You just choose a chest and spend funds to open it with a simple click.

Best of all, you can see which skins are in the chest before you commit to it.

This makes the fact that Hellcase offers reasonably competitive prices a nice bonus, though you won’t run away with the bank by playing on this site. The cases are all good quality and priced correctly. You don’t have to be worried about being gouged, but there are few opportunities for major steals. With a few dollars or a few hundred, you can find something that meets your needs.

Selling and Trading

The ability to sell items in the cases you open back to Hellcase for credits on your account gives you a lot of freedom over managing your budget and your available coins. Being able to open more than one case at once and sell back things you don’t like creates a fluid system of trades and rewards that users can exploit to get the loot they want.

There is also a “trade up” system in place on the site that gives you the chance to win a skin of much higher value than the ones you trade-in on their “contract” page. By trading in 3 to 10 skins, you can get one of a value that is inflated by the value of those you offer. The ability to turn your old skins into valuable loot is a big incentive to use their system regularly, though they lack a chest creation system at this time.

Promotions & Daily Bonus

Hellcase frequently offers promotions, including one where new users get $0.40 free account balance . Their giveaway is constantly changing, with the ability to enter for a chance to win all kinds of loot both through their main site and through their Twitter page.

Free skins get dropped on Twitter all the time, so if you have the inclination to look regularly, you should reap some pretty consistent rewards just by being a member on Hellcase, of a higher value than those of many of the sites out there.

One of the coolest things about Hellcase is that you can open a daily free case that’ll give you either free balance or a skin. Even if you don’t deposit anything, you can accumulate some balance this way and open a case or two a few times a month free of charge.

Customer Support

Unlike some case-betting sites out there, Hellcase only has email support for their customers, rather than a site contact form. There are also no live chat options to help you clear things up with system administrators right away.

However, the email support they do have is responsive – Hellcase is known for getting back to its users extremely quickly both in matters of site operations and in deposit/withdrawal questions. Since their system for storing and receiving money is already very fast, the addition of this reliable customer service system is an even bigger bonus.

It’s especially impressive for a site as large as Hellcase. They have millions of total users and thousands that are on the site every day. Being able to keep up with that demand with an email customer support service that answers quickly is a signpost to Hellcase’s devotion to its users and to resolving their issues.


The site is colorful and easy to use, with a design that highlights the cases and the offers with animation splashes and appealing graphics. But is Hellcase legit? That’s a question new gamblers are always asking themselves because of the competition in the online gambling industry. You want to know that your personal information won’t be used for other purposes and that the games are fair.

Hellcase guarantees fairness in its proprietary software. If you’re worried about it, though, just look through the site’s user reviews. Hellcase has been around a while and they’ve risen to become one of the most frequented and trustworthy case-betting sites on the market.

Hellcase Details

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Use code CSGOBONUS and get $0.45 free balance
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