WTFSkins is a fun gambling site focused around crash and roulette but it also offers jackpot betting and has some awesome giveaways from time to time.
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WTFSkins Review

We recommend using WTFSkins as one of the best CSGO Betting Sites. It offers games from many countries and its games selection is very extensive.

I really enjoyed playing CSGO Roulette, CSGO Crash and a great site for Case Opener. WTF Skins is an excellent website for a lot of different players.

What’s more, players looking to sign up at can enter a new players affiliate code to get 0.25 free gems!


WTFSkins Codes and Promotions

One aspect that everyone wants to know about is the WTF skins promo code and bonuses available. Who doesn’t want to get free coins or free gems? For new players signing up at WTF Skins, when you enter the new customer affiliate bonus code, you can currently claim 0.25 gems for free, which you can use to bet on and play their excellent games.

You might be able to receive additional gift offers or free coins by following WTFSkins on Twitter and retweeting their tweets. Twitter is a good way of keeping up to date with all the promo codes available.

Games available on WTFSkins

Players from all over the world play WTFSkins. There are thousands of people who are active on the site every day.

WTFSkins’s version of roulette has 15 spaces which are numbered 0 to 15. Space 0 is green, 7 spaces are red, and the remaining 7 spaces are black. Players can bet on any of the three colors.


This classic CSGO casino game gives you chances to win even if you’re only investing low valued skins. The game starts when everyone has placed the bets, and the RNG decides the winner of the round. The more expensive skins, items, or just the more money you add to the pot, the higher are your chances to win.

You don’t think actually that the winner is the one who invested the most. The amount of your bet only reflects your chances, but whoever is chosen by the computer wins the pot.


User Experience

WTFSkin user experience is perfect for players who are new to CSGO gambling. It looks pretty while still being easy to navigate and use.

On the home page, you’ll see links to the FAQ section of the site, customer support, their terms of service and history. From there, you can access the WTFskins offer section and claim free coins and gems bonuses.

At the bottom of the screen, at the left side, is the site chat section. If you want to interact with other players while you play, this is the place to be.

This is the perfect place to find other like-minded players, and talk about the game selection and bonuses. When you go to the main menu, this is where you’ll find the main areas of the site, like the games, claim daily bonus offers, make deposits and withdrawals etc.


How Can I Deposit CSGO Skins on WTFSkins?

Open a new account at the WTFskins website. Select the deposit option, and then choose your preferred skins from your inventory.

You will be rewarded with points based on the value of your skin/currency. You can then use these points to play the game.

Is WTFSkins Legit?

Some CSGO skin sites operate in an unsavory fashion. This is one site where they are legit. You know it’s legit when you see the W in the middle of WTFSkins.

WTFskins is a legit company that you can trust because it’s affiliated with Case-Opening Site CSGOLive which has been around for four years and is a reputable site.

Games on WTFSkins are provably fair. The games are provably fair, and the date they were originally hashed can be found under each game itself. The WTFSkins FAQ explains how to conduct game verification.






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